Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Around the Disabled List

The disabled list has been seeing all sorts of action the past few days. Aaron Harang finally landed on the DL. Harang had been going well with 10 quality starts so far this year. He is not expected to be out much longer than 15 days. I would hold onto him. If you absolutely need innings and cannot afford to save a spot for Harang on the DL look for Carlos Carrasco of the Indians. Carrasco just pitched his second straight outstanding start, against the Yankees no less. Even thought the Indians are struggling currently, Carrasco is not.  In his last 6 starts he is 5-1 with a 3.03 ERA.
 Derek Jeter heads to the DL. He is just 6 hits shy of 3,000. The media will be keeping track of him when he comes back off the DL, but that does not mean you should be. Jeter is a fringe player right now, currently ranked as the 13th most productive SS in the league. Coming off an injury, you can probably find better options out there. One of those options is Jamey Carroll of the Dodgers. Carroll is now near the top of the Dodgers lineup and is raking up the at-bats. He is batting .319 on the season with 5 steals. He is still available in nearly 75% of leagues.  Darwin Barney of the Cubs is another SS to keep an eye on. He is hitting .294 and has shown some pop, with 25 rbi.
On the flip side, there are players getting healthy. Chances are they are already on teams, but it never hurts to check. Wandy Rodriguez of the Astros came off the DL and pitched 6 scoreless innings to lower his ERA to 3.12 on the year.
     Wandy Rodriguez pitched 6 scoreless innings in his first stint off the DL

A couple of St. Louis Cardinals are also due to come off the DL soon. Kyle McClellan will start on Wednesday (6/15) and Matt Holliday is scheduled to come of f the DL the next day. Holliday is probably not a free agent in your league, but McClelland could be.  Make sure you are always checking the waiver wire throughout the season. You never know when one of your teammates might try to pull a fast one on you and send a stud player down while on the DL. Some people get impatient and dump at the first sign of injury. 


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